Solar Wall Light 48 COB LED

Solar Wall Light 48 COB LED


Product feature:

3 Mode

  • Mode 1: 100% Power on if motion detected. turn off after that
  • Mode 2: 30% Power on(stand by mode) after object detected switch on 100%

  • Mode 3:  70% Power on till morning

​*Mode 1 switch off after 15 Seconds

**Mode 2 going back 30% stand by mode after 15 Seconds

This solar Lamp using 2835LED chips 

0.2w x 48cob

Night sensor :  <10Lux

IP 65

Color Temp: 6500k

Battery capacity: 1200mAh 3.7v


Solar outdoor wall light

Automatic switch on during night. 

Auto charge during daytime.

Operate at night only 


Understand what is COB

COB LED a new technology compare to previous LED chip.


Chip on board (COB) is a method of circuit board manufacturing in which the integrated circuits (e.g. microprocessors) are wired, bonded directly to a printed circuit board, and covered by a blob of epoxy.[1] By eliminating the packaging of individual semiconductor devices, the completed product can be more compact, lighter, and less costly. In some cases, COB construction improves the operation of radio frequency systems by reducing the inductance and capacitance of integrated circuit leads.

  • Product Size

    Product size for Solar 48 COB

    Length: 124mm

    Width : 96mm

    Height: 48mm


    Box Size

    Length: 150mm

    Width:  100mm

    Height:  53mm


    Parcel Size

    Length: 200-250mm

    Width: 150mm-180mm

    Height: 80mm-120mm 

    (Base on actual order quantity)

    Estimate only


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